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Our Attorneys fight to protect your Parental Rights as well as your Financial Interests.
Susan Myres
Susan Myres
Senior Partner
Susan Myres is the founding principle behind Myres and Associates. Her goal was to create a Family Law Firm with a primary focus on complex litigation matters. Susan Myres believes that her three decades of litigation experience provides her with the insight to handle your most pressing family legal matters. If you are a Business Owner going through an Asset Dispute with your spouse or a Foreign National fighting for child custody, call Myres and Associates today.
Lori Kern
Lori Kern
With over 14 years of family law experience, Lori is well-positioned to help you through your case. She began her law career as a paralegal and has worked for many law firms and organizations throughout the Houston, TX area. In 2015, Lori represented her client in the first same-sex divorce case in Harris County. She has been a practicing attorney for over five years and is Texas Board Certified in family law.

High Asset Houston Divorce Attorney. Our Law Firm focuses on divorce as well as family law and child custody. For over 30 years Susan Myres and her legal team have handled complex divorce cases and high asset divorce disputes in Houston. Call us today for a confidential consultation.

over 50 years of houston divorce litigation experience

We understand Houston Family Law. We focus on High Asset Divorce and Complex Custody Disputes.

Myres and Associates is a boutique Houston Family Law Firm. The attorneys and Houston Divorce Lawyers at Myres and Associates solely focus on Texas Family Law cases. Susan Myres herself has over 30 years of divorce litigation experience. She, and her team of trail hardened Houston Divorce Attorneys, know what it takes to win. Myres and Associates takes time with each client in an effort to understand what the clients primary concerns are. Ms. Susan Myres, and her knowledgeable team of Family Law Attorneys and Paralegals, focus on High Asset Divorce, Complex Property Division, Asset Protection, Bi-Lingual Divorce, International Divorce, as well as Executive Divorce cases. If you are a business owner worried about your assets and the future of your company due to a divorce, call Myres and Associates today.

  • Business Owner Going through a Divorce

    Myres and Associates is comprised of experienced Houston Divorce Lawyers that understand what it takes to win in court. If you are a business owner, or if you have acquired significant assets, a divorce can put those financial gains at risk. Susan Myres and her team of tenacious litigators will fight to keep your money in your pocket.

  • High Asset International Divorce

    A lot of business owners come to Texas with the hopes of expanding their company. Houston is a melting pot of culture, our city is diverse and opportunity is all around. If you are a Foreign National or Non United States Citizen going through a divorce the odds are already stacked against you. Myres and Associates can help protect your rights and your business. Our Attorneys are bi-lingual and are ready to take on your case.


    Divorce is tough enough. Adding a spouse with a mental illness into the equation only complicates things. Handling property and asset division, child custody, and spousal support with a mentally unstable partner needs to be handled with care. This type of litigation requires experience. Myres and Associates has tenured Houston Divorce Lawyers with first hand experience in handling these difficult cases.

  • Family Relocation

    In high net worth divorce cases where property and assets are being split up, incomes and lifestyle can change. Many people are forced to move. Sometimes financial necessity is not the driving factor behind a post marital move. Perhaps a change of scenery is called for. Regardless of the reason, a relocation after a divorce can be tricky, especially when children are involved. Myres and Associates has a decorated tenure of litigating Parental Child Custody and Child Visitation rights surrounding a relocation.

Executive Divorce

International Divorce

High Asset Divorce

Fighting For Your RIghts

myres and associates law firm staff

We fight to protect you, your family, your business, and your financial assets.
Jeaneane Garcia
Jeaneane Garcia
Jeaneane Garcia is a Paralegal for Myres & Associates. She has been working as a paralegal in family law cases since 1992, and worked for Judge Andrew L. Jefferson, Jr., and Looper Reed & McGraw prior to joining Myres & Associates in 2013. Jeaneane’s duties include drafting petitions, decrees and other court documents; working with clients to prepare inventories and discovery responses; and preparing our cases for mediation and trial.
Elizabeth Spies
Elizabeth Spies
Elizabeth Spies has been a Paralegal for almost 10 years. She works directly with the attorneys at Myres & Associates. She will handle a multitude of your paperwork and will also be a contact point for you.
Laura Hallmon
Laura Hallmon
Administrative Assistant
Laura Hallmon is the Administrative Assistant to Myres and Associates. She is the first point of contact for the law firm, and handles the processing of client files, scheduling appointments, and assisting the Firm’s staff. Laura takes pride in providing excellent customer service. Her goal is to make your Divorce and Family Law situation as comfortable as possible. If you have questions about status on your case, or if you are considering a divorce, contact Myres and Associates today.
Brenda Hernandez
Brenda Hernandez
Office Manager
Brenda Hernandez is the Office Manager to Myres and Associates. She has been a part of the Myres & Associates team for nearly a decade. She handles client accounts, scheduling appointments, and assisting the Firm’s staff. Brenda takes pride in providing excellent customer service. Her goal is to make your Divorce and Family Law situation as comfortable as possible. If you have questions about status on your case, or if you are considering a divorce, contact Myres and Associates today.documents; working with clients to prepare inventories and discovery responses; and preparing our cases for mediation and trial. Henry is fluent in Spanish.

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Our Houston Divorce Attorneys are here to fight for your parental rights and financial interest.
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Types of Houston Divorce

Myres and Associates excels in High Asset Divorce, International Divorce, Complex Property Division, and Aggressive Child Custody Disputes.

High Asset Divorce

Protect Your Family and Your Business


  • Business Owner
  • Property Owner
  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Retirement Funds
  • Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
High Asset Divorce

International Divorce

We Fight For Your Rights in the USA


  • Non US Citizen
  • Parental Rights
  • Foreign National Rights
  • Child Relocation
  • Protect International Assets
Non Citizen Divorce

Executive Divorce

A Divorce Should Not Affect Your Business


  • Owner of Complex Business
  • Domestic and International
  • Multiple Businesses
  • Private or Publicly Traded
  • Protect Your Business Partners
executive divorce

Complex Child Custody

International and Domestic Disputes


  • Parental Mental Illness
  • Child with Special Needs
  • Parental Relocation
  • Non Biological Parental Rights
  • Parental Alienation
Child Custody

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