How to Enforce Child Visitation Rights

FamilyIn a divorce, child visitation rights are often one of the most contentious issues facing the mother and father.  In many cases, a fair and equitable parenting plan can be worked out and adhered to, but in some cases, divorced parents seem to have problems sticking to that plan and being able to successfully co-parent their children.  This can lead to anything ranging from a minor aggravation all the way up to violent confrontations. There are steps you can take to enforce your child visitation rights or seek to have them modified.

It’s best to have child visitation rights modified or take strong legal actions to ensure that child visitation rights are enforced before a confrontation takes place.

The first concern in any legal matter is the best interest of the child. Most child visitation disputes can be settled out of court if both parents are willing to reach an agreement. In cases where a custodial parent does not follow a visitation schedule as it is written, it’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure that the visitation time is made up.  This can take place between the parents without outside intervention. However, it’s best to document deviations from visitation schedules, just to be on the safe side.

If the custodial parent does not agree to schedule make-up dates, there are measures the other parent can take.

Contact an attorney who will reach out to the custodial parent seeking to correct visitation deficiencies.  Most times, if you indicate you are willing to go to court to enforce the written order, this is enough to make the custodial parent comply with the visitation order.

Should further legal action be necessary your attorney may suggest additional dispute resolution methods that can be used to reach an agreement outside of the courtroom.

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