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If you are facing any sort of family law dispute, whether it involves divorce, child custody, visitation, or spousal support, you should not assume things will necessarily go according to plan. No matter what is said between two partners or parents, unexpected conflicts will inevitably arise at some point during the adjudication process and can quickly turn ugly.

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Proactively preparing for family law conflicts can save you a great deal of time, money, and heartache. By consulting our Houston family lawyers at Myres & Associates PLLC, you can get ahead of problems by understanding the resources and legal options available to you. We can guide you through both litigation solutions as well as more collaborative approaches that keep your conflict out of the courtroom.

If you or a loved one are navigating a family law dispute, call (713) 322-9810 or contact us online to learn more about our firm’s services.

Our Practice Areas

Our firm recognize that every family law situation is unique and will work to identify tailored solutions that will help you achieve your goals. There will likely be more than one possible means of addressing your issue, and we will walk you through your options and help you make an informed decision about how to move forward.

Our Houston family attorneys can assist you with matters involving:

  • Divorce. Adjudicating a divorce will require establishing the grounds for divorce, dividing marital property, deciding child custody, and setting parameters for spousal support. These issues can each be rife with individual disputes, especially when a large marital estate is involved. Our team is experienced with representing high net worth clients and can advocate that you receive everything that you are owed.
  • Child Custody. Our team is committed to do everything possible to protect your children and help you pursue what is best for them. We regularly work with married parents, unmarried parents, same-sex parents, grandparents, and even close family friends in adjudicating child custody conflicts to find the best possible solution for the child and everyone involved.
  • Modifications. If your circumstances have materially and substantially changed in the wake of a divorce, you may have sound reasons for wishing to adjust visitation, custody, or support payments. Our team can assist you in making these requests and advocating on your behalf.
  • Prenuptial Agreements. These types of agreements are used to protect financial interests and set expectations for the future should a separation become necessary. We can assist in the drafting, reviewing, and executing of prenuptial agreements and ensure they are consistent with your wishes. Our team is also prepared to help you navigate a complex divorce in which either you or your former spouse have a prenuptial agreement in play.

More Case Types We Handle

  • Post Judgment Custody and Support. All parties are expected to abide by the decisions of a judge, even if they disagree with them. When a former spouse refuses to follow terms set by a divorce court, you may need legal assistance in order to effectively intervene. We can assist in seeking enforcement of visitation rights, spousal support, and child custody.
  • Collaborative Divorce. Going to court can be costly and will preclude you and your ex-spouse from having the final say when deciding disputes. Collaborative divorce allows you to work with your former spouse and their legal team to arrive at a settlement that all parties are satisfied with. We can assist you throughout this process, which can help you save time and money.
  • Alternative Settlement Methods. In addition to collaborative divorce, we can assist you with other settlement alternatives to litigation. Mediation introduces a third party to the collaborative process, while arbitration functions like an informal trial but involves a decision-making authority that you and your former spouse agree upon. We can help you explore these alternative approaches and guide you every step of the way.
  • International Divorce. Texas divorces in which one spouse is located abroad can be especially challenging, especially if the remote spouse is proving uncooperative. Successfully dividing marital property and disbursing assets will require clarifying how the other country’s marriage and divorce laws intersect with those of Texas and the United States. It may also require coordinating with professionals overseas to serve divorce papers and coordinate other essential paperwork. We can work with you to efficiently move through divorces of this type.

Our Houston family lawyers at Myres & Associates PLLC can give you the guidance that you need. Call (713) 322-9810 or contact us online to schedule your consultation.

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