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Why Waiting to Talk to a Divorce Lawyer is the Worst Decision

Have you and your spouse had issues communicating or remaining on the same page? Has your situation become difficult or unbearable? If your relationship seems shaky, it will not harm you to learn more about the divorce process before any says the ‘D’ word. Deciding to move forward with a divorce is a big decision, and it can be overwhelming to know what steps you should take first. It is not uncommon for individuals to wait and see what options will be best for them and their unique circumstances.

However, the choice to wait before taking action can be detrimental for you. It may be in your best interests to consult a knowledgeable family lawyer to learn more about the process. In the end, you may find out that a divorce is not right for you after all.

Myres & Associates is here to tell you why waiting to talk to a divorce attorney can be negative to your potential case. However, we can also provide reassurance in educating you about your options and in the event you do file for a divorce.

Why Waiting Can Be Detrimental

Talking to a divorce lawyer should be one of the first things that you do if divorce is potentially on the table for you and your spouse. If a divorce is filed, deciding when to hire an attorney is entirely dependent on many different circumstances. If you prolong this or decide to wait until your spouse lawyers up, you could face consequences.

Keeping Costs In Mind

If you decide to file for divorce and wait to retain an attorney, you ultimately risk potential increased costs. Furthermore, if the process becomes prolonged or contested by waiting, you may face additional fees. While attorney fees can be high, the cost of not having an attorney has the strong potential to cost you more. Keep in mind it is possible to just retain an attorney for limited consultation or full representation.

Additional Stress For You and Family

Perhaps the worst part of waiting to consult an attorney is the additional stress and worry that it can cause for your family. It is best to tackle the divorce head-on and begin the process in a time-efficient manner. An attorney can help make sure that you make the necessary steps in your journey and avoid any potential mistakes. Being adequately informed will reduce the amount of stress you and your family will experience overall.

The Benefits of Retaining an Attorney ASAP

While it is obvious that there are detriments to waiting on hiring an attorney, it is important to recognize the benefits of quickly retaining legal counsel.

Saving Money In The Long Run

By retaining an attorney as soon as you learn of your divorce, you can talk about budgets and costs early on. It is possible that you may be able to work out a reasonable strategy to help you afford the legal services you need. Myres & Associates understands that money may be a concern.

Finding The Quickest Solution

One of the best ways to avoid prolonging your case is to find the best route to your resolution. Not every couple is capable of mediation or collaborative methods, meaning they may resort to traditional litigation. Keep in mind that even in these cases, mediation remains a requirement. However, an attorney will be able to review the details of your case and help you make an educated decision about what route is best for you.

Myres & Associates is Here to Provide Compassionate Guidance

When the decision to file for a divorce is made, it is easy to feel stuck on what to do next. By consulting with the team at Myres & Associates, you can learn your options and about solutions that you never considered.

Don’t wait to get started on your divorce. Call us at (713) 322-9810 to schedule a consultation today!