The Recognition and Enforcement of International Family Law Judgments in Texas

When it concerns foreign judgments, Texas law could conflict with the laws of an individual’s originating country. As more families settle in Texas for employment reasons, the recognition and enforcement of international family law judgments are a growing issue for all attorneys and parties involved. This upward trend in migration to the United States necessitates the need for more family law attorneys who understand the complexities of these international issues.

Foreign Families Find a Home in Texas

Today, the top foreign investors and employers in the United States originate from Japanese corporations, with Texas being the center of their attention. Japanese automakers Toyota, Kubota, and Daikin, have each made Texas the location of their United States headquarters. This massive influx of international employers has resulted in the relocation of thousands of foreign families in Texas, especially Houston.

This type of mass relocation of foreign families to the United States may reap financial prosperity for thousands; however, family law challenges may also arise. Should a foreign married couple decide to divorce, one spouse may wish to return to their home country. The spouses may own property in both the visiting and home county, signaling property division issues. If children are involved, there likely will be disputes as to child custody and visitation between the two countries.

Registering and Enforcing a Foreign Order

For persons experiencing family issues similar to the ones described above, it is always recommended to consult with an experienced family law attorney that is familiar with navigating through such complexities – especially before signing any legal documents. Personal circumstances of an ex-spouse may require that his or her United States court order be registered and enforced in his or her county of origin. By contrast, it might be necessary to register and enforce the foreign order in the United States.

Myres & Associates Has Experience

Susan Myres​

Susan Myres presents at the International Academy of Family Lawyers Symposium in Tokyo, Japan. May 2018

Together with panelists, Susan Myres discusses the enforcement of Japanese orders abroad, specifically in Texas, during the 2018 International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL) Family Law Symposium.

Susan presented at the 2018 IAFL Family Law Symposium on the topic of enforcement of Japanese divorce, custody, and child support orders abroad. The Symposium took place at Waseda University, Tokyo, on Tuesday 29th May 2018, the day before the start of the IAFL Annual Meeting and Asia Pacific Chapter Meeting.

Susan Myres has been a fellow of the IAFL since 2005 and has held the position of Secretary from 2011 to 2012, USA Chapter Vice President from 2006 to 2011, and currently holds a seat on the USA Chapter Board of Managers. Read more about Houston family law attorney, Susan Myres here.